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For 30 years, our dream for Seaside has been the dream we have for life itself.  Simplicity, grace, elegance. Fashions have changed. Wars have come and gone.  And a wave of technology has changed the way we exist. But the fact remains that Seaside reminds us of what is truly real and significant in life. A simple connection to family and friends and the world around us. The story of Seaside is the story of lives touched by this simple philosophy. We are all Seaside, because we all share the same dream.  And, perhaps, Seaside continues to help us live that dream. The dream of a simple, beautiful life. These are our Seaside stories. Stories of laughter and sadness. Romance and loneliness. Families and friends. Traditions and discoveries. My Seaside Story is a yearlong storytelling experience, a setting for us to share our stories. For the past three decades, hundreds and hundreds of them have washed ashore.

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The Nutcracker in SEASIDE®…bringing cheer to the holiday season!

Posted on February 24th at 6:02 pm No Comments

By Hilary Farnham
Beachy Beach 30A/Destin

Here’s our story:

My daughter has been involved in dance since she was 3 years old. But, because the studio we attended was not purely ballet-based, the Nutcracker was not offered as a performance for her to be a part of. Every year she would watch as her friends at the ballet studio would get to perform in the Nutcracker and she always desired to be able to do so herself.

One of the reasons we were so happy our daughter was able to attend Seaside Neighborhood School was that she would have the chance to do ballet at school and participate in the Nutcracker. We truly had no idea how incredible the experience would be and how much extra cheer it would bring to our holiday season.

Seleta Hayes Howard, the school’s ballet instructor, invested so much into this performance and into encouraging our daughter, that it has truly inspired her to want to learn as much as she can about ballet; it might possibly be the beginning of something very special for our daughter.

The night of the performance was just incredible to watch and I knew it was something truly special when my daughter woke up the next morning and said, “I don’t want it to be over.”
For these girls to have the opportunity to perform in their own community is such a unique opportunity. I believe at this very delicate age, these types of opportunities led by instructors like Ms. Seleta and others are instrumental in shaping who they become.

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