My Seaside Story

For 30 years, our dream for Seaside has been the dream we have for life itself.  Simplicity, grace, elegance. Fashions have changed. Wars have come and gone.  And a wave of technology has changed the way we exist. But the fact remains that Seaside reminds us of what is truly real and significant in life. A simple connection to family and friends and the world around us. The story of Seaside is the story of lives touched by this simple philosophy. We are all Seaside, because we all share the same dream.  And, perhaps, Seaside continues to help us live that dream. The dream of a simple, beautiful life. These are our Seaside stories. Stories of laughter and sadness. Romance and loneliness. Families and friends. Traditions and discoveries. My Seaside Story is a yearlong storytelling experience, a setting for us to share our stories. For the past three decades, hundreds and hundreds of them have washed ashore.

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Reminds Me of Home

Posted on September 6th at 7:36 pm No Comments

Ever since I was a little, my family and I have been vacationing in Seaside every summer. Over the years, it has become one of my favorite places in the world. I’m from a small town much like Seaside–Yellow Springs, Ohio–and it reminds me of home, just on the beach. The people are so nice, there are all kinds of shops, and amazing food.

I love Seaside and plan on moving there soon!

–Mary Adeline

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