My Seaside Story

For 30 years, our dream for Seaside has been the dream we have for life itself.  Simplicity, grace, elegance. Fashions have changed. Wars have come and gone.  And a wave of technology has changed the way we exist. But the fact remains that Seaside reminds us of what is truly real and significant in life. A simple connection to family and friends and the world around us. The story of Seaside is the story of lives touched by this simple philosophy. We are all Seaside, because we all share the same dream.  And, perhaps, Seaside continues to help us live that dream. The dream of a simple, beautiful life. These are our Seaside stories. Stories of laughter and sadness. Romance and loneliness. Families and friends. Traditions and discoveries. My Seaside Story is a yearlong storytelling experience, a setting for us to share our stories. For the past three decades, hundreds and hundreds of them have washed ashore.

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Coppertone Dreams

Posted on February 10th at 10:05 pm No Comments

Wow..We discovered Seaside many summers ago as if we were meant to find this charming “wish we could stay here forever” kind of place as if it were a tiny seashell on the long beautiful white sandy shore. Its there where my thoughts of life and living life somehow had changed forever. Thank you to the people of Seaside who are so hospitable to so many of us that start out as strangers and can end up being friends at the end of the day. Where else could you possibly go where someone you have never met would strike up a conversation offer to even buy a drink for you? That doesn’t happen, sad a bit isnt it…where they would like to know all about you and your family. When your wishing and wondering all along how did they do this? Accomplish this awesome dream, how could we also live here and have this most perfect life of sun sand and coppertone? Thank you for the friendly conversation its truly a non-reality mode where you can simply sit,relax, and smile.

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